Let Me Introduce Myself: I'm Bradley Thompson, 
And I'm a World-Leading Expert on Astral Travel.

I've just realized - I haven't introduced myself yet.

My name is Bradley Thompson. I'm a personal development author, with an intense interest in everything connected to Astral Travel.

I'm the author of many courses linked with the subject, such as the Lucid Dreaming course and Be Psychic. I'm the man behind the million-copy Subliminal Power tool - and have business customers ranging from Microsoft to the US Army.

For the past 25 years, I've intensively used and refined my Astral Travel techniques. And it's genuinely changed my life. But I've never shared these treasured methods publicly.

That is - until now.

For the first time ever, I've put down all of my greatest Astral Travel techniques, tips, tricks, and teachings - all into one SOLID COURSE. I'm talking about a program that will take you from Astral Travel newbie through to platinum-level professional - all in just a matter of weeks.

This is a course that provides EVERYTHING you need to know to get started with Astral Travel, to begin enjoying safe "Out of Body Experiences," and to begin getting the kind of RESULTS that the US Government paid $20 million to enjoy.

The name of my new course?

Quite simply, Astral Travel Secrets.

Discover the World's Simplest Astral Travel Course: 
Uncover Astral Planes from the Comfort of Your Home.

'Astral Travel Secrets' is the ultimate course in Astral Travel.

It contains all of the most powerful methods of initiating Astral Travel, as pioneered by the CIA projects, and leaders in the field, such as Robert Monroe, Oliver Fox, Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington.

It'll take you straight from knowing absolutely zippo about Astral Travel, through to being a skilled practitioner, all in just a matter of weeks.

The main Astral Travel Secrets manual is an absolutely no-fluff program, containing over 90 pages of solid information on what works, and what doesn't. No hype, no excess - just genuine, hardcore information on the techniques that get RESULTS.

Accompanying the main PDF manual is the Guided Astral Travel Meditation CD.

On this audio CD, you'll be able to listen to me actually GUIDE YOU through your first Astral Travel session - holding your hand as we progress, step-by-step, as you experience your initial journey into the safety of the Fourth Dimension.

This is a 55-minute, open-ended session, which you can use to explore anything you desire - fly across the globe, fast forward to the future, discover far-flung countries, overcome fears and phobias, indulge in astral sex - whatever you desire!

And that's still not all.

The 'Astral Travel Secrets' course also includes a second CD, containing three further Guided Astral Travel sessions - individual MP3 sessions, covering the three most specific, common Astral Travel requests.

On this CD, you'll find 25-minute sessions for speaking to your spirit guide, for meeting a departed relative, and for visiting new worlds on the Astral Plane.

Doesn't this seem like a course that could genuinely improve the quality of your life?

"I was scared to try it at first, I mean, it seems so weird. But after visiting my grandmother and reliving fond childhood memories, I'm hooked! Can't wait for my next thrilling adventure!"

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Explore Inside the Astral Travel Secrets Course: 
Including a Full Manual and Four Guided Sessions!

Would you like to explore the Astral Travel Secrets course just a little more?

Let's take a few minutes to explore what you'll find inside the full 'Astral Travel Secrets' course...

Component #1 - The Astral Travel Secrets Manual

This no-frills guide unveils all of the essentials to getting started with Astral Travel. You'll learn the history behind Astral Travel, the main Astral Travel technique and how to utilize it, and how to steer your Astral Travel journey for the best possible experience.

Inside these 90 pages, you'll uncover:

You'll also discover:

Format: 90-page PDF manual.

Component  #2 -
Guided Astral Travel Meditation - Audio CD

Imagine if you had an expert with you, during your Astral Travel experience - guiding you at every turn, ensuring your complete safety and ultimate enjoyment.

Well, that's what you get with this audio CD.

With this recording, I gently guide you deep into your very first Astral Travel experience, providing you with plenty of helpful tips along the way, prompting you on how to relax and behave, focusing your awareness, and initiating the projecting of your consciousness.

This is an open-ended session, meaning you can use it to take you to the Astral Plane - and then do ANYTHING you wish. Fast forward to the future... tap into superhuman skills... uncover your purpose in life... whatever you wish to do!

This "listen-along," 55-minute audio CD will also teach you:

To use the CD, simply get experienced with the technique inside the Astral Travel Secrets manual, slip on your headphones, hit "play" - and get ready to experience the Astral Plane for yourself. It's incredibly simple - and absolutely ANYONE can do it.

BONUS: This CD now includes special brainwave entrainment tones, to help increase your relaxation levels, and increase your Astral Travel results!

Format: 55-minute audio CD. Read our precautions and disclaimer.

And that still isn't everything.

Component #3 - BONUS SESSIONS:
3 x MP3 "Listen-Along" Astral Travel Meditations

Once you've gotten familiar with the process of general Astral Travel, you can start to truly DIRECT your individual sessions - so that you get the precise results you desire.

On this Astral Travel Meditation audio CD, you'll find a series of THREE guided Astral Travel sessions - with specific aims for each.

These are essentially goal-specific versions of the main Guided Astral Travel Meditation CD, each of which gently prompt you toward a very specific Astral Travel experience. Every session lasts 25 minutes.

Simply play the relevant session to begin each experience, including:

Remember, once you've had a little experience with Astral Travel, it'll soon become second nature to use these recordings. Simply slip on your headphones, sit back, relax - and follow the instructions on the audio. It's easy.

Format: Data CD, containing 3 x 25-minute sessions, in MP3 format.

Uncover the COMPLETE Astral Travel Secrets Course
REDUCED Price: Buy Today for JUST 32 Cents Per Day.

Using the techniques on this course, you'll be able to take your first steps toward discovering the true potential of Astral Travel - and how to use it to gain amazing benefits in your own life.

Imagine being able to 'Remote View' any part of the world - just by projecting yourself there!

This is what the US Government and CIA paid over $20 million to discover.

And today, these benefits are available to YOU - for less than the price of one night at a decent hotel.

The entire Astral Travel Secrets course, with its full user manual, the Guided Astral Travel Meditation CD, and the three individual guided MP3 audio sessions - costs just $247.

FEBRUARY UPDATE: LIMITED STOCKS, reduced to JUST $117. Lowest price EVER!

That's JUST 32 cents per day, spread over one whole year.

Isn't this sort of insider knowledge worth that much to you?

You'll be amazed at the way you benefit, when you tap into the futuristic power of Astral Travel. From fresh business ideas from the future, to personal guidance from your Spirit Guide - this course will change your life.

And the difference between "Yes" and "No" is 32 cents a day.

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"I’m a manager at a large company and my world consists of everything that is logical and real. For several years now, I’ve been traveling the astral realms. I never thought I’d ever say that and, to this day, I know some of my colleagues just wouldn’t believe it. It’s true though; I am able to project my consciousness and I’m having the most amazing journeys. More significantly, astral travel has helped me see the world differently and I’m living with more joy, optimism, and love. Take it from a former skeptic, astral travel is real!"

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Experience the Course for an Entire Six Months
If You're Not Thrilled, Claim Your FULL Refund.

I know that you'll love the Astral Travel Secrets course.

It's one of a kind. No frills. No hype. Just genuine, honest advice and techniques that will get you Astral Traveling in record-time.

But I don't want you to take my word for it.

I'd like you to try it out for yourself - and I'm willing to backup my belief that you'll find it a life-changing course, with a physical, cash-bound, real-world guarantee!

Please, try out the ENTIRE COURSE for the FULL SIX MONTHS.

Read the book. Decide for yourself. If you wish, try out the guided audio sessions. Let me hold your hand, as we walk through the Astral Plane. Decide for YOURSELF whether this is of interest to you.

If it's not, then just send it back. At ANY TIME over the next six months.

We GUARANTEE to refund absolutely EVERY PENNY you paid.

NO questions asked. NO difficult return procedures. NO problem.

That's a solid guarantee that's double-backed by our publishers, the WCCL Network, too.
Just click here to begin your Astral Travel adventure:

YES - It's Time to Start Your Astral Travel Adventure
With the FULL Course, Free Shipping & 24/7 Support!

Ready to get started with Astral Travel Secrets?

You'll soon own absolutely everything you need to get started with Astral Travel - and will be ready to begin enjoying your own adventures on the Astral Plane.

Like a handful of others privileged enough to become adept at Astral Travel, you'll soon be able to transport yourself absolutely anywhere, at any point in time - and do anything!

All when you own the Astral Travel Secrets course.

Let's briefly review now PRECISELY what you'll receive when you decide to get started today:

The COMPLETE Astral Travel Secrets Manual - Everything you need to know to get started with Astral Travel! This is a 90+ page, no-hype, no-frills guide, crammed with platinum-level practical information and techniques to get you started on the Astral Plane. Includes the EXACT TECHNIQUES that the US Government spent over $20 million refining!!
Format: PDF guide on CD.

55-MINUTE Guided Astral Travel Meditation Audio CD - Ready to get started with Astral Travel? Just slip on your headphones, and get ready for your first steps. This CD is open-ended, so use it to explore ANY ASPECT of the Astral Plane! Includes guided instructions, prompts and relaxing music. PLUS: New version now includes binaural beats to assist your Astral Travel journey! Format: Audio CD.

BONUS: 'Experience Your Spirit Guide' Audio Session - Let this guided Astral Travel session introduce you to your very own Spirit Guide. Receive guidance, support and enlightenment - all free of charge. This is an Astral Travel experience you'll want to repeat! Format: 25-min MP3 on CD.

BONUS: 'Meet a Departed Relative' Audio Session - Communicate with loved ones that have left the physical world! Use this guided Astral Travel session to meet those that have departed - and garnish "lost" information, pass on messages to the living, and more. Incredibly powerful and comforting! Format: 25-min MP3 on CD.

BONUS: 'Travel to a New World' Audio Session - Get ready to explore the unexplored! Visit new cities, planets, universes, ANYWHERE you desire. This guided Astral Travel session will take you there safely, and ensure you return, invigorated at the experience. Great fun for the adventurous! Format: 25-min MP3 on CD.

FREE International Shipping & Handling! - We won't charge a penny to ship this course to you, no matter where you live in the world. We'll ensure the entire course is sent direct to your door, at NO extra cost. 

FREE Lifetime Support 24/7/365 - We know Astral Travel. And if you have ANY questions at all, we'd be happy to help. Just get in touch with our around-the-clock support team, and we'll be sure to assist in ANY WAY we can! See your welcome e-mail for details.

And all of this for just $117 - that's just 32 cents per day, split over a year.

Click NOW to BEGIN:

"There was no mistaking the first time I experienced astral travel. I had gone through my usual meditation and felt like I'd reached a deeper level of relaxation. I lost awareness of my body and, after a short while, I felt a shift in my perception. It was like my consciousness had simply lifted out of my body. I floated free and weightless and saw the room I was in from my new vantage point. Being totally conscious, I thought about where I wanted to go and was there, seemingly in no time at all! Walls, roofs, atmosphere and so on, held no boundaries. I was free to travel anywhere. The first experience only lasted about ten minutes but I've since had many journeys of much longer duration. I'm still astounded each time it happens!"

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A Special Note in Conclusion From Bradley Thompson

People from all walks of life are starting to experience the benefits of Astral Travel.

Michael Crichton, the author of Jurassic Park, Twister and The Great Train Robbery, wrote all about his own many adventures on the Astral Plane - in his autobiographical book "Travels."

Explaining his experience on the Astral Plane, Crichton discussed how he used his explorations to come up with the ideas and concepts used in his novels.

Where else would you get the idea for such a fantastic story as Jurassic Park - if not by actually VISITING that period on the Astral Plane?

Now, finally, you too can experience this for yourself.

Just click on the following link, and get ready to explore Astral Travel Secrets TODAY:

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

With my highest regards, 

Bradley Thompson, self-development author 
Creator, Astral Travel Secrets™ 
Part of the WCCL Network
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PPPS. Your six month guarantee is absolutely UNCONDITIONAL. If you're not absolutely thrilled, simply return the course at any time within six months, and we'll refund every penny you paid. Absolutely NO questions asked. Click here to own your copy of Astral Travel Secrets!

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