Uncover the Little-Known Secrets of Astral Projection: Travel Anywhere, Meet Anyone, Fly Across the Globe,  Overcome Fears, Discover Your Life Purpose - & MORE.

Dear Friend,

Just imagine it for a second.

Being able to instantly transport to anywhere in the world, at any time, and do anything.

You might sit back, invisibly witnessing some of the biggest events in the history of mankind. Or actively participate to help change history.

You could even go beyond planet earth, and visit anywhere in the universe. Head to the moon and watch how zero gravity affects the US flag. Uncover the true secrets behind a black hole.

Perhaps you'd:

Yes, it sounds like a science fiction movie.

But this is, in fact, the world of Astral Travel.

For over a decade, the CIA used Astral Travel to remotely spy on the Russians. They invested millions of dollars in experiments and techniques to help achieve the greatest possible results.

On this site, I'll share their findings with you.

Read on.

“As soon as I used Astral Travel Secrets, I realized I had already experienced it in my youth. I just didn’t know it at the time! Now I’m more aware, I can direct my travels and choose my destinations. Brilliant and thrilling adventures!”

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Astral Projection, OOBEs, Remote Viewing & More: 
Here's the TRUTH Behind the Astral Travel Myths.

Okay, okay. I agree with you.

At first glance, Astral Travel seems pretty "out there."

Yet Astral Travel is a thoroughly investigated, heavily experimented area of mental science - one that has consistently achieved real-world results, and continues to receive worldwide recognition.

There's a reason it is still around today since its birth in Egyptian times - and subsequent scientific resurrection in the 1950s. Because it WORKS.

But what really is Astral Travel?

Astral Travel is the ability to leave the conscious mind - and enter the "Astral Plane."

This is a place where you can travel anywhere, to any time, and do absolutely anything. It's a place where all realities, thoughts, memories, and fantasies exist together. You might liken it to the sacred tree from the Avatar movie, where all experiences exist together, and may be accessed by "connecting."

Astral Travel also comes with many different labels. Some call it Astral Projection. Others call it an "Out of Body Experience," or Remote Viewing. Other use phrases like ESP, or Lucid Dreaming, or the Fourth Dimension.

But the end result is the same.

Astral Travel is a perfectly safe method of tapping into the Astral Plane... so that you can travel anywhere, visit any time, and do anything you desire.

However, DON'T take my word for it.

The Scientific Proof Behind Astral Travel - And the 
$20 Million the CIA Invested in "Remote Viewing."

From 1970 to 1995, the CIA spent over $20 million on something known as "Project Stargate."

This was an Astral Travel research mission, designed to collect intelligence for the US Government. It was so successful that in 1984, one Stargate viewer was awarded a legion of merit for determining "150 essential elements of information unavailable from any other source."

And this was just one of the Astral Travel projects that the CIA was forced to disclose, under the Freedom of Information Act. Others include Project Scanate, Project Grill Flame, and Operation Sun Streak.

The Stanford Research Institute (SRI) has also conducted many experiments into remote viewing, often in conjunction with the CIA.

In one such large-scale experiment, an Astral Traveler firstly met a certain individual ("the subject"). The Astral Traveler was then taken away, and locked in a test room with a scientist. Externally, then subject then chose a random envelope, containing a random location.

The subject was then driven to that location and walk around for 15 minutes, taking in the sights, sounds and smells.

The Astral Traveler then had to determine precisely where that subject was, and describe to the scientist further details of their location. Nobody inside the locked room (not even the scientist) knew where the subject was...

And yet they found that ALL of the Astral Travel participants were remote viewing with UNCANNY ACCURACY. (And that includes "regular" individuals taken straight from the streets!)

This was a true breakthrough. They had managed to find the precise techniques which produced the greatest possible Astral Travel results.

And I'm going to share these techniques...

With YOU.

(For more on the scientific proof behind Astral Travel, please click here.)

“The first experience lasted about ten minutes, but it was amazing! I’ve since had longer journeys, and each time I’m just as astounded! Everyone should be given the opportunity to develop this special gift, a gift we all possess; it’s remarkable and incredibly empowering!”

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Astral Travelers Unveil Their Most Popular Pastimes: 
Time Travel, Meeting Spirit Guides, And Astral Sex!

You've probably experienced Astral Travel before.

I'm willing to bet that you've explored other parts of the world, spoken with passed-on relatives, and enjoyed some pretty wild adventures.

The conditions for Astral Travel would have had to be "just right," and I bet you had a great time. Then you probably jumped with a start, and just presumed that you were dreaming.

Well, with the right techniques, you can CONSCIOUSLY control this state - and initiate Astral Travel experiences on-demand.

Wouldn't that be exciting?

So, what would YOU do if you could Astral Travel - RIGHT NOW?

Here's a selection of the suggestions from our recent survey of Astral Travelers:

And you're probably closer to all of these experiences than you realize.

Research has shown that absolutely ANYBODY can Astral Travel. You don't need to have any special skills. And you can do it, safely, from your own home.

All it takes is the right techniques.



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