Q. What is Astral Travel?

A. Astral Travel refers to the ability of being able to travel anywhere, to any time, and do absolutely anything - all on the 'Astral Plane.'

The Astral Plane is a place where all realities, thoughts, memories and fantasies exist together. It's like the sacred 'Tree of Souls' from the movie Avatar. You connect to that plane and explore it, from within your own mind.

Using Astral Travel, you can fly way back into the past and watch the pyramids of Giza being built... head way into the future and uncover futuristic lifestyles and inventions... or connect with passed-on relatives and discuss the after-life.

Yes, Astral Travel is incredibly powerful - and extremely fun!

Astral Travel often has different labels, too - such as Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences, and Remote Viewing. They all mean the same thing. The ability to travel "outside" of your own mind.

Q. Can anyone experience the Astral Plane?

A. Yes. It takes no special ability.

Studies at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) found that almost all subjects, whether experienced in Astral Travel or not, were able to gain significant rates of success using the techniques taught in the Astral Travel Secrets course. 

Q. What can I do when Astral Traveling?

A. You can do virtually anything you want when Astral Traveling!

Here are a few common applications of Astral Travel:

  • Fast-forward to the future - how will our lives change in the year 3000?
  • Head back to the past - gaze as the Pyramids of Giza are built
  • Utilize superhuman skills - fly through the air, walk through walls
  • Spy on close friends - look at what they're doing, without them knowing
  • Communicate with dead relatives - reunite with passed on people and pets
  • Experience astral sex - and enjoy feelings more intense than anything else!
  • Uncover your purpose in life - and find out what you're actually here for
  • Develop your real-world self - overcome fears and tap into your ESP ability
Q. Is Astral Travel safe?

A. Yes, absolutely. There are many urban myths surrounding Astral Travel, however it is a perfectly natural and completely safe experience.

The Astral Travel Secrets course unveils full details on how the Astral Plane works, and the best methods for remaining safe during the experience.

Note: The brainwave entrainment technology on the Guided Astral Travel Meditations CD should not be used when you need to remain awake, or by those with epilepsy. Other precautions apply. Please read our full precautions and disclaimer.

Q. Can I get "stuck" on the Astral Plane?

A. No. It is impossible to get "stuck" on the Astral Plane. This is simply an urban myth.

Other urban myths include that you can get addicted to, or die on the Astral Plane. It just can't happen. The Astral Plane is completely safe, and there have never been any reports of such experiences.

The Astral Travel Secrets guide explains more.

Q. What is Astral Travel Secrets?

A. Astral Travel Secrets is a brand new course designed to teach anyone how to Astral Travel for themselves!

Fast-forward to the future, rewind to the past, meet passed-on relatives - all by figuring out Astral Travel for yourself.

The course includes a full manual on Astral Travel, and four separate guided Astral Travel audio sessions. 

What will you receive when you order Astral Travel Secrets?

The Astral Travel Secrets course includes:

  • The COMPLETE Astral Travel Secrets Manual - Everything you need to know to get started with Astral Travel! This is a 50-page, no-hype, no-frills guide, crammed with platinum-level practical information and techniques to get you started on the Astral Plane. Includes the EXACT TECHNIQUES that the US Government spent over $20 million refining!! PDF format.
  • 55-MINUTE Guided Astral Travel Meditation Audio CD - Ready to get started with Astral Travel? Just slip on your headphones, and get ready for your first steps. This CD is open-ended, so use it to explore ANY ASPECT of the Astral Plane! Includes guided instructions, prompts and relaxing music. PLUS: New version now includes binaural beats to assist your Astral Travel journey!
  • BONUS: 'Experience Your Spirit Guide' Audio Session - Let this guided Astral Travel session introduce you to your very own Spirit Guide. Receive guidance, support and enlightenment - all free of charge. This is an Astral Travel experience you'll want to repeat! MP3 format.
  • BONUS: 'Meet a Departed Relative' Audio Session - Communicate with loved ones that have left the physical world! Use this guided Astral Travel session to meet those that have departed - and garnish "lost" information, pass on messages to the living, and more. Incredibly powerful and comforting! MP3 format.
  • BONUS: 'Travel to a New World' Audio Session - Get ready to explore the unexplored! Visit new cities, planets, universes, ANYTHING you desire. This guided Astral Travel session will take you there safely, and ensure you return, invigorated at the experience. Great fun for the adventurous! MP3 format.
  • FREE International Shipping & Handling! - We won't charge a penny to ship this course to you, no matter where you live in the world. We'll ensure the entire course is sent direct to your door, at NO extra cost.
  • FREE Lifetime Support 24/7/365 - We know Astral Travel. And if you have ANY questions at all, we'd be happy to help. Just get in touch with our around-the-clock support team, and we'll be sure to assist in ANY WAY we can! See your welcome e-mail for details.

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