Your Astral Travel Experiences

On this page, we collect a series of experiences from users that have sat the Astral Travel Secrets course. Feel free to send in your experiences by contacting our support team.

*Floating Free!*

“There was no mistaking the first time I experienced astral travel. I had gone through my usual meditation and felt like I’d reached a deeper level of relaxation. I lost awareness of my body and, after a short while, I felt a shift in my perception. It was like my consciousness had simply lifted out of my body. I floated free and weightless and saw the room I was in from my new vantage point. Being totally conscious, I thought about where I wanted to go and was there, seemingly in no time at all! Walls, roofs, atmosphere and so on, held no boundaries. I was free to travel anywhere. The first experience only lasted about ten minutes but I’ve since had many journeys of much longer duration. I’m still astounded each time it happens!”

*Astral sex!*

“Once I’m fully relaxed, my astral travel begins with my consciousness leaving my body. For me, this creates a sensation of having physically rolled over but it’s just my consciousness finding its way out. Instantly, I am light and able to move freely in any direction and to any place within a flash. What is interesting is that my senses operate on a completely different level. I do not have the physical capacity to see, hear, touch, taste, or smell, although I do have sensory perceptions of these elements. I have total clarity of sight and can see the world around me. If I meet a being on the astral plane, I am able to communicate. I seem to be able to talk and hear but in a telepathic way. I can’t touch anything but I am able to feel on an emotional level. For example, I regularly meet with another loving partner and we experience our union from having astral sex together. Our astral bodies unite but not in the way we would physically have sex. It is more an awareness of energy and emotion and produces a powerful sensation that surpasses the human orgasm. It’s awesome! At first, this new way of experiencing the world and other dimensions is quite surreal but it becomes very natural and instinctive with more journeys.”

*Freedom from Pain!*

“I have an arthritic condition, which leaves me in a lot of pain. A friend introduced me to astral travel and said it was a way of being able to spend time away from the restraints and pain of my physical condition. I was really doubtful about it at first but decided to give it a try as I had nothing to lose. I went through the procedure and, with practice, my meditations became easier. I remember the first time I successfully projected my consciousness. I was so elated because I felt completely liberated and could travel anywhere. I was free of my pain-riddled body. It has been a turning point for me as I now feel more in control of my arthritic condition rather than it having control over me. Time in the astral plane is my playground. I can travel anywhere I choose, without any restrictions. I’m also accessing healing energies there. As a result, I’m coping better with my physical condition and feel energized! It’s provided a whole new outlook for me, and certainly one that is positive.”

*Astral Travel in Childhood!*

“As soon as I started studying astral travel, I realized I have already had episodes of projecting consciousness.  I just didn’t know it at the time! These have been happening subconsciously since my childhood. I can relate many instances, which I simply put down to having vivid dreams or brushed aside through lack of understanding. Taking a course in astral travel has meant that I now have more conscious awareness and control of what is taking place. I can direct my travels and choose my destinations. I can remember and record what happens in each journey so I achieve understanding and meaning. It is a revelation and a wonderful gift. Everyone should develop this special gift we all possess as it’s remarkable and empowering!”

*Changing World Views!*

“I’m a manager at a large company and my world consists of everything that is logical and real. When a good, quite level-headed friend asked if I’d tried astral travel, I have to say I was dismissive. I considered it to be some strange drug-induced mental trip practiced by new-age types and couldn’t see myself having anything to do with it. I listened to my friend, however, and he shared his experiences. I was fascinated but still uncertain until he mentioned the scientific studies into the human mind and states of consciousness, which gave more credence to astral travel. This captured my interest and I decided to give it a try. For several years now, I’ve been traveling the astral realms. I never thought I’d ever say that and, to this day, I know some of my colleagues just wouldn’t believe it as they know me as `Mr Logical’! It’s true though; I am able to project my consciousness and I’m having the most amazing journeys. More significantly, astral travel has helped me see the world differently and I’m living with more joy, optimism, and love. I sound like a new-age convert but I’m still wearing a suit for work! As for my dominant logical left-brain thinking, this has a real benefit in the astral plane. It serves to direct consciousness and assimilate experiences, and looking at this ability from a scientific viewpoint helps me keep everything in perspective. Take it from a former skeptic, astral travel is real!”

*I Met My Unborn Son!*

“When I was pregnant, I’d already been astral traveling for some years. Just before the birth, I met my unborn son in the astral plane. It was one of the most beautiful and also surreal of my experiences in the astral realms! We had a long and profound conversation. He even told me that he would become a doctor in this physical incarnation – and this is exactly what it looks like he will become!”

*Thrilling Adventures*

“As soon as I used Astral Travel Secrets, I realized I had already experienced it in my youth. I just didn’t know it at the time! Now I’m more aware, I can direct my travels and choose my destinations. Brilliant and thrilling adventures!”

*My Children Travel With Me!*

“Sometimes, my two children travel with me in the astral realms. There have been many occasions where we have left our bodies at the same time and traveled together. We usually journey to see my mother, who died before she had the chance to meet her grandchildren. The fact we are still able to have contact in this way has brought so much comfort. I know she is able to watch them grow up from the astral realm but this enables us all to communicate and be together in a much more fulfilling way.”

*Meeting My Animal Friends!*

“On the astral plane, I have met the spirits of my three dogs and two horses (all `died’ some years ago) and it has bought me so much joy and reassurance to know that I still have contact with them on the other side. They have presented themselves to me on several occasions and communicate through the mind. They understand me and I understand them. It is just awesome and I now know there is life after physical death!”

*Brief But Wonderful!*

“The first experience lasted about ten minutes, but it was amazing! I’ve since had longer journeys, and each time I’m just as astounded! Everyone should be given the opportunity to develop this special gift, a gift we all possess; it’s remarkable and incredibly empowering!”

*Astral Love!*

“I’ve fallen in love on the astral plane with a fellow astral traveler. I met the girl once (she lives a thousand miles away) and we keep in touch in the physical world by email and telephone but we regularly get together in the astral plane. We’ve even experienced astral sex, which is the most intense, loving sensation you can possibly have. I know that we’ll be together in the physical world before long but, in the meantime, we are enjoying our shared experiences in the astral world. It’s given us a very special bond.” 

*Visited My Grandmother!*

“I was scared to try it at first, I mean, it seems so weird. But after visiting my grandmother and reliving fond childhood memories, I’m hooked! Can’t wait for my next thrilling adventure!”

*My New Friend is ET!*

“When traveling in the astral realm, I regularly meet a being who comes from another world. The being has a humanoid form but is very pale skinned, with golden hair, tall, and surrounded by a bluish glow. This being has shown me his world and told me many stories about his culture. He has also told me that his species have been observing ours for many years, and that we have much in common. “ 

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